BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

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THe #1 Green Reading Tool of Tour Pros

Used by hundreds of Tour Pros on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours.

Chart Greens in a Greens Book (like Tour Caddies) to lower scores: This is LEGAL!

Stop guessing the break!  Read greens way Tour Pros do and lower your scores.

The USGA and R&A recently issued new rules for Charting Golf Greens to take effect 01.01.19.  The new rules allow the kind of golf green charting recommended by the BreakMaster with our Custom Greens Books.  This is a great endorsement for our method of charting golf greens and lowering your scores. Read more by clicking HERE.  


The BreakMaster Digital Green Reader is a precision electronic device that accurately locates the downhill direction (or break direction) of the green, measures the precise angle of slope (the amount or severity of the break) and provides a full readout of both on its LCD screen.  Click HERE to find out detailed information on this revolutionary device that is changing the way Tour Golf Professionals and thousands of amateurs play the game.  Tour Pros on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and other tours depend on the BreakMaster.


Tour Pros don't guess the breaks, they're charted out for them by their caddies before tournaments.  This is LEGAL under the Rules of Golf (specifically rule 4.3).  Greens charts show exactly the Break Direction and Break Amount (in degrees) at any point on the green.  This is the kind of information the Tour Pros use when making their putts.  Think it might help you to have this kind of information before you putt or make an approach shot?

Now you can chart greens just like the pros do with Custom Greens Books from BreakMaster.  The Greens books are pocket-sized books with blank greens pages for each ofthe 18 greens on a golf course.  They provide the perfect place to record your BreakMaster data for every golf course you play. This is perfectly legal (under the new ruling 4.3) and it's one reason why pros score way better than you do. 

With a Greens Book customized by you for your golf course, you will have the advantage over anyone else in your foursome because you will know how the ball will break BEFORE you hit the putt. 

A Custom Greens Book is packed with each BreakMaster purchase.  More Greens Gooks can be purchased at our Online Store.  Find out more about the Custom Greens Books by clicking HERE

Learn more about how you can Chart Greens on your favorite golf course by using Google Earth by clicking HERE.  Read how we charted the greens at Riviera before the FedEx Cup by clicking HERE


Congratulations to BreakMaster customer Michelle Wie for that great win at the HSBC Women's World Championship.  Michelle's great putting (especially that 35 footer!) proves once again that no matter how far great players can drive the ball, it all comes down to what they do on the green. 

Great putts are made every day by pro and amateur golfers because of great reads on the green.  And since making a putt can be the difference between a good day and a great day, you can be sure that the best players aren't reading the green through guesswork.

Think of all the precision that goes into the game... These days even amateur golfers use a GPS device to tell the exact distance to the green.  They calculate how far each club will carry the ball, and know exactly how much backswing to take with the short irons to get where they want to go.  Then they get to the green and all that precision goes out the door.  Why?  Because many amateur golfers just guess the break.

On a 6 foot putt, the difference between a 1.0 degree break and a 0.5 degree break can be as much as 6 inches, and that's more than enough to miss the putt.  Think your eyes can see the difference between a 1.0 degree and a 0.5 degree slope?  If you can, please call NASA.

With so much riding on every putt, you owe it to yourself not to guess.  Tour Pros know there's only one way to be sure of the break: chart the green with the BreakMaster and make notes in a Greens Book.  That way they're playing with the same precision on the greens that they apply to the rest of their game. 

The biggest problem golfers have in lowering their scores is on the green.  It's hard to know by eyesight alone how gravity (the break on the green) is going to affect the roll of the putt ant that's why so many amateur golfers miss putts and (unhappily) raise their scores.  But what to give a golfer to help solve this problem?  The BreakMaster is the perfect gift for ANY golfer.  It's a precision tool that will help any golfer make putts and lower scores. BUY NOW!

"My caddie and I have charted the greens on every course we've played.  That knowledge is essential to a tour player because we basically play the same courses every year.  I recommend similar due diligence for you on courses you play a lot.  Take notes on hole locations, paying attention to breaks and direction of grain.  You'll be more comfortable on the greens - and make more putts."

Tiger Woods
Lesson Tee, Golf Digest, April 2008

It was fifteen years ago that we shipped our first BreakMaster Digital Green Reader.  Since then, we've helped thousands of golfers read and chart greens, and, most importantly, lower their scores!  Have you joined their ranks by using a BreakMaster?  If not, explore this site and find out how you can be lowering your scores by knowing the breaks before you putt! 

The BreakMaster measures slope in Degrees, which we believe is the most easily understood way to display the break.  But there are those in the world of golf (like our friends at Aimpoint) who like to use Percentage of Slope instead of degrees.  There is a simple conversion to turn Degrees into Percent.  Just multiply Degrees by 1.7 and that is the Percent of Slope.  To make it even easier, the PDF (below) is a chart that shows some typical Degrees into Percent conversions.  The PDF chart can be printed and cut out to attach with cellophane tape to the side ot the BreakMaster.  Make sure you attach it on the side, not the bottom, where it might throw off the BreakMaster's reading. 

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The BreakMaster helps you read (and Chart) the breaks on the greens you play. 

Stop Guessing!  Now you can be certain of the break -- every time you putt