BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

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We didn't invent green reading.  We perfected it.
The BreakMaster Digital Green Reader is a precision electronic device that accurately locates the downhill direction (or break) of the green, measures the precise angle of slope (amount or severity of break) and provides a full readout of both on its LCD display.

To read a break, simply place the BreakMaster near the hole on line with your putt and the arrow will instantly show you the Break Direction (Downhill Direction or Fall Line) while the number shows you the Break Amount (exactly how many degrees of downhill slope exist). The greater the number of the Break Amount, the more the putt will break. The lower the number, the less the putt will break.

The BreakMaster works equally well in reading an uphill or downhill lie. Simply place the BreakMaster ahead of your ball on line with the hole and its readout will give you a good indication of how much to adjust your stroke for uphill or downhill putts.

Since its introduction in 2003, the BreakMaster has become an indispensable tool for Tour Pros on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours as well as Professional Caddies and Golf Instructors around the world.

Tour Pros know that, in order to shave strokes off their score cards, there's no substitute for actual knowledge of how a golf course is going to play. And there's no better way to understand breaking greens and take the guesswork out of green-reading than by using the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader to read and chart greens.

The BreakMaster is slim and compact so it fits easily into a pocket without spoiling your stroke, it's weatherproof to withstand damp greens and comes with a protective carrying pouch that can attach to your belt or bag. 

If you can't find the BreakMaster at a dealer near you, you may order it directly from us by visiting our Online Store.

Display:                  0.0 - 9.9 degrees (in 0.1 degree increments)

Accuracy:              +/- 0.2 degree

Indicator:              Indicates downhill in 16 directions

Dimensions:          3 3/16" (w) x 3 3/16" (d) x 1" (h) (80mm x 80mm x 25mm)

Weight:                  3.9 oz. (110 g)

Power:                   2 x SR44 (357) Batteries

Accessories:          Carry Case, Custom Greens Book