BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

Like hundreds of other Tour Pros, Camilo Villegas uses the BreakMaster during a practice round before tournaments. This is the best way to understand the breaks on greens – and then, with that information, make notes in a yardage book. Consulting such a yardage book and reading greens information during any tournament or other stipulated round is perfectly legal according to the USGA Rules of Golf. 

Camilo Villegas joins hundreds of Tour Pros and caddies on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and other pro tours who are relying on the BreakMaster every day to help improve their green-reading abilities. But the BreakMaster isn't just for the pros: it helps golfers of all abilities improve their green reading, get to know the greens on the courses they play and lower their scores by making more breaking putts.

(Published April 9, 2007)

In the "What's In My Bag" feature of Golf Digest's May 2007 issue, rising PGA Tour star Camilo Villegas names the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader as one of the essential tools of his game. Listed as the “Easy Reader” Camilo states "The BreakMaster is a golf training aid that gives me a feel for breaks on greens when I’m practicing." 

We’re happy to see Golf Digest telling the world about it.