What if every one of your putts was a straight putt with no break?  You'd make a lot more putts.  Right?  The secret isn't in your putt, it's in your approach shot. Read more HERE.

Tour Pros know that charting greens is essential to making breaking putts.  The USGA and R&A issued rules for Charting Golf Greens that took effect 01.01.19.  The new rules allow the kind of golf greens charting we recommend.  Read more HERE

Reading the green is, without question, the most mysterious aspect of the game of golf. Some say it's an innate ability, others say it's a skill that can be learned. I say those ideas are myths and that there's only one way to read a green accurately, measure it. Read more HERE.

The myth is that there is only one aspect to the break on the green - the break direction.  In thinking this, golfers are missing one of the two critical aspects of the break - the break amount and how it can affect the roll of the ball.  They're also missing a lot of putts. Read more HERE.

Recently, the R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, who jointly governs the Rules of Golf along with the USGA) bought a good number of BreakMasters from us.  Read more HERE.

OK, so the BreakMaster is cool and can help you read and chart greens, and it can also help train your eye to read breaking putts.
But... Is It Legal?  Read more


BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

Google Earth is a free service that allows you to see images of virtually any golf course on Earth.  Here's how to use these images to create your Custom Greens Book and have the advantage over anyone else in your foursome!  Read more HERE

We were invited by the Riviera Country Club to measure the slope of their greens prior to the Northern Trust Open 2008. Of course, we used the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader - the pro's choice that's used by hundreds of pros and tournament committees on all the tours, major and minor.  Read more HERE.

Many golfers assume that most golf greens have only a single break or will break in only one direction.  This is a myth.  In reality, most greens will have a number of different breaks, and each one can affect your putt differently. Read more HERE.