BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

Charting greens is something that tour pros and their caddies have been doing for years.  Now, with the BreakMaster and the new Custom Greens Books, you can have the same information when you play, that the pros do.

And you will definitely lower your scores.

Use Google Earth to find your favorite golf course and zoom in on each green.  Draw the basic shape of each green, and record the width and depth of the green on every page with the Measuring Tool on Google Earth.  It is remarkably accurate!

Now you can chart greens just like the pros do with the new Custom Greens Books from BreakMaster.  The Greens Books are pocket-sized books with blank greens pages for each of the 18 greens on a golf course.  They provide the perfect place to record your BreakMaster data for every golf course you play. 

A Custom Greens Book is packed with every BreakMaster purchase.  Additional Custom Greens Books are available for just $4.95 each in our ONLINE STORE.

There is a new Tutorial Video on this site to show you the greens charting process in greater detail.  To play that video simply go to Tutorial  Part 4.  CLICK HERE.



Then take your Greens Book to the course every time you play a round, and use the BreakMaster to take measurements on each green.  It's legal to use the BreakMaster during a round as long as you do it after you've holed out.  After a few rounds, you will have the inside track on how each green breaks on that golf course.  For more info visit our feature HERE on using Google Earth to chart greens,

Use your Greens Book every time you play that course.  It's easy, fun and absolutely LEGAL!

Knowing which way the greens are breaking BEFORE you get to the green is invaluable for planning your approach shots.  You should try to land downhill of the cup in order to minimize the break.  If you are downhill of the cup, and always putting uphill against the fall line with no left or right break, you will sink many more putts because they will always be straight putts. 

You will also have the advantage over anyone else in your foursome. 

Size:                  4.0" (w) x 5.5" (h)

Pages:               24 Total: 18 Greens, 2 Instruction, 3 Break Charts, Cover

Each Greens Book contains complete instructions on how to chart greens, as well as drawings showing how much putts break at different slope amounts -- a perfect reference guide to take with you on the course.  Chart the greens on the courses you play, and you will definitely lower your scores.