BreakMaster Digital Green Reader

The BreakMaster's On The Radio!

An interview with the BreakMaster inventor Ron Wilkerson was featured on the radio show: Those Weekend Golf Guys! 

The BreakMaster is in Camillo's Bag.
He may be famous for balancing low to read a green.  But there's another way Camilo makes sure he's got the right reading: a BreakMaster in the bag.  Click HERE


Golf Course Superintendents Use The BreakMaster.
The USGA published an article that provides helpful guidelines for setting up Conforming Hole Locations, and it uses the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader as an essential part of the process. Click HERE

Golf Magazine Features The BreakMaster.
The BreakMaster was featured in the November Issue of Golf Magazine as a way to "drill the hole." Click HERE

Golf Magazine Features The BreakMaster... Again!
Featured in the May 2015 Issue of Golf Magazine in the article "Take These Tools And Putt It!"  Click HERE

The BreakMaster Is In Vijay's Bag.
We've known that Vijay's been using the BreakMaster since his assistant called and ordered three of them. Golf Digest is telling the world about it. Click HERE.