BreakMaster Digital Green Reader


We've known that Vijay's been using the BreakMaster since his assistant called and ordered three of them back in January. But now Golf Digest is telling the world about it.

Vijay Singh joins over 60 Tour Pros and caddies on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour who are currently using the BreakMaster for practice rounds and to help improve their green-reading abilities. But of course the BreakMaster isn't just for the pros: it helps golfers of all abilities improve their green reading, get to know the greens on the courses they play and lower their scores by making more breaking putts.

(Published June, 2004)

In the "What's In My Bag" feature of Golf Digest's July issue, PGA Tour Champion Vijay Singh lists the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader as one of the essential tools of his game. Vijay describes how "the BreakMaster device gives a digital readout on the break of a putt. Obviously, I only use it for practice."

Vijay knows that it's perfectly legal (according to the USGA Rules of Golf) to use the BreakMaster during a practice round before a tournament, make notes in a yardage book on how the greens will break and then consult that yardage book during competition.